Healthy Rocket Fuel???

Schmoozies is a Counter Service dining option at California Adventure (in Hollywood Land) that has a menu full of (wait for it..) SMOOTHIES. During the Summer of Heroes, they offer smoothies themed to coordinate with the new Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout ride in Hollywood Land.

Here’s the menu:

Rocket Fuel is probably named after the Guardian who denies that he’s a raccoon. 

Since the cast members make these beverages to order, I asked if they could substitute some ingredients. Fortunately, the CM at the order window said ok. Here’s my healthier version of that smoothie:

Frozen Espresso (don’t mess with my coffee!),
Deleted the whipped cream
Add yogurt (they use low fat vanilla yogurt—see it in the Strawberry -Banana Breakout on the menu)
Add banana and  strawberries.

OMG…It was delicious. Could this be an “off the menu” item during the Summer of Heroes?

Note: I asked for this variation when Schmoozies had only a few other customers. 

They also serve some crazy (dare I saw “out-of-this-world?”) doughnuts with the GOG theme. The Gamma-Sized Donut (has blackberry and black currant filling) is HUMONGOUS! I assume that’s a GOG thing too… or Incredible Hulk?  (Yes, the donut is sitting on a teenager’s leg—it is not forced perspective!). Donuts are served until 11 AM.

Schmoozies also serves some more normal beverages, such as Caffe Latte and Mocha, Espresso, Iced Coffee, Hot Tea, and bottled water. Flavorings are available too.  Lavender lemonade with a glow cube also appears on the menu.

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