World of Color Dessert Party

I think I’ve finally come down from the wonderful World of Color dessert party (and it was months ago!). Here’s the info on how you can enjoy this special and decadent event.

Here’s what’s included:

  • A reserved seat at a table for the World of Color show

  • A basket of bread (for the table to share)

  • A drink or two.  Either a) sparkling wine or a World of Color special mixed drink (Made of Sprite, Lemonade, a blue liqueur and coconut rum) for adults; A pomegranate lemonade (or lemonade) in a World of Color sipper for the non-drinkers.  Disney says it’s for kids 12 and under, but I’d definitely ask your server if you can have one if you don’t drink alcohol. 

  • Cheese (Manchego, a mini brie and mild cheddar on the night I was there)

  • Desserts (and more desserts!) A full plate of desserts for each person.

Disney recommends that you make reservations for this party early…before you get to the park. In the summer and during the Holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas through New Years Day), you’ll need to make your reservation days or even weeks before your park visit date. You can make a reservation up to 60 days before your visit. See this page on the Disney website (or call 714-781-DINE) to make your reservation.  

As part of the reservation process, you’ll have an opportunity to list any food allergies that you might have. I don’t eat soy, so I made sure that was on my reservation. More about that later.

 World of Color Dessert Party is held in Paradise Park, across from the Little Mermaid attraction. (map from Disneyland)
World of Color Dessert Party is held in Paradise Park, across from the Little Mermaid attraction. (map from Disneyland)

The World of Color (WOC) Dessert Party begins about 30 minutes before the World of Color show. The Disneyland website recommends that your arrive at least one hour before the WOC showtime. The line for the Dessert Party will look long, but you will get a table since you’ve made a reservation.  I recommend you arrive a little earlier than 1 hour before the show so that you can choose your table type. 

Two types of tables are available: bar-height (with bar-height director’s chairs) and regular dining table height (with metal folding chairs). The bar height tables definitely have a better view– and less chance of getting wet, since the lower tables are nearer to the water area. (When the wind blows, the water does too.) The lower tables also have a good view. Each type of table has the appropriate height chair. Yes, you read that right: you’ll be sitting before the show starts and all the way through the World of Color show.  Everyone else will be standing while waiting for the show to start and while watching the show. Yes, it’s an awesome show, but after walking all day, the last thing I want to do is stand for an hour to wait for a show and then stand for another hour during the show. Munching yummy desserts and having a drink (or two) is much more my style.

Back to the WOC Dessert party: You’ll give your name to the cast member at the front of the line podium (I took a screen shot of my reservation confirmation just in case), then another cast member will show you to the “Preferred Seating Area,” where you will be handed off to another cast member, who will take you to your table. Please note: if you are a party of 3 or less, another person might be asked to join you at your table. I sat with a wonderful family of grandparents and their young teenage daughter from out of state (oops, I wish I remembered which state). We had a great time exchanging information and I shared some tips for their next day at the parks.

After you are seated, a cast member takes your drink orders. Each person is given one drink (or two), and non-alcoholic beverages are refillable. If you want a second drink, be sure to ask the cast member before the show starts since they won’t be available during the show. The grandparents I sat with asked for a second drink (and so did I!) and the cast member brought them cheerfully. The cast member hesitated when the husband asked for a third drink, but then smiled and brought it promptly. They also serve hot chocolate. The colored lights in the World of Color sipper change with the music, which distracted all of us.

After I had eaten two cookies and some fruit from my dessert plate, a cast member came to give me my “Special” plate (with no soy). It was just as wonderfully yummy as what I saw on my first plate.

The huge chocolate-covered strawberry, the gold-leaf painted macaron, and the rice pudding were super delicious, and very pretty. (click on the arrow to see that I just nibbled…NOT!)

We chatted and enjoyed our delicious fruit, cheese, desserts, and drinks. And then it was almost time for the show. The current version of the World of Color show celebrates Disneyland’s 60th anniversary, and is narrated by Neil Patrick Harris and Mickey Mouse. I’m always amazed by the 80-foot tall colored streams of water and the images projected on a huge screen of water. It’s a great show and this is a great way to watch it. UPDATE 11/20/16: During the Holidays at DLR, WOC becomes a Holiday show. Same lights and water show, just a different theme.

By the way, the World of Color Dessert Party is $79 per person, for both children and adults, and it must be prepaid in advance. No Annual Pass discounts are provided. But here’s a way that you can get $50 off your ticket. I’m not sure I will do the Dessert Party again, unless I have a special occasion or I’m with a person who has never seen the show.

Just to clarify: I highly recommend the show and the Dessert Party.




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